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county bee beechdale bench berkshire class big cypress national preserve birch bird bird. great blue heron bird. wood stork. mycteria americana. sebastian inlet. florida. usa. birds birmingham black vulture black white blackcrowned night heron blair blair county blair county. pa blowing rocks preserve blue blue cypress conservation area blue cypress recreation area blur blurred bnsf bnsf 4395 bnsf 5139 bnsf 5997 boardwalk boat boat dock boat docks boats bobcat bobs creek bodie island bodie island lighthouse botaurus lentiginosus bottlenose dolphin bottlenose dolphins bowser covered bridge boy breakwater breeding plummage bridge broadmoor marsh brown pelican brown pelicans brush creek brush tunnel buck buffalo creek building building nest buildings bulkhead flatcars bull bulls crick falls burkholder covered bridge burned burnt burr arch truss burr truss burrow burrowing owl burrowing owls butorides striatus buxton c449w calling calvin cambria county canada canada lynx canadian national canis lupus canoe creek canoe creek state park cape hatteras cape hatteras lighthouse cape hatteras national seashore caracara cheriway carcass casmerodius albus casting castor canadensis catamarans cathedral of the blessed sacrament catholic catholic. cemetery cervus canadensis nelsoni chair factory falls chandelier child children chimney rocks chopping christmas christmas tree church church. cigar circle city city lights class frostburg station cleveland cleveland metroparks closeup clouds clouds waves coal coal cars coal train cob web colvin covered bridge composite concrete conn beach consolidation consolidation class container controlled burn coot corn corolla cougar county couple courtship covered cresson crested caracara crops crossing crotalus adamanteus cruise ship cruise ships cucumber falls cucumber run cumberland cumberland station cupperts covered bridge currituck beach lighthouse cypress cypress swamp cypress trees dahlia dall sheep dance competition dash944cw dasypus novemcinctus dawn decapod class decorated deep lake strand delgrosso's park denali national park detail dichromanassa rufescens diehl's raystown covered bridge diesel diesels display displaying dock docks doors double reflection doublecrested cormorant dr. knisley covered bridge drip torch driveway drops dumpster dunes dunnings creek duquesne incline dusk dusk. cleveland duval street dwarf cypress early winter east bound eastbound eastbound intermodal eastern diamonback rattlesnake easttbound eating eating a fish eating a frog eaton street ed winddancer ef644d egretta thula empty empty autorack empty flat cars energy engineer entertainer erethizon dorsatum ernest hemingway house es44ac es44c4 es44dc et44ac eudocimus albus everett railroad everett railroad. blair county. pa. usa. everglades everglades city everglades national park everglades national park. fl exterior eye face falling snow falls farm farming farmland fayette county feeding felton's mill bridge female fence fern fiddlehead field fields fire firefighter fireworks fish fishermen fishing fishing pier fl flames flamingo campground flood lights florida florida city florida cottonmouth florida jay flower flying flying with a fish fog foggy forest formation fort de soto park fort duquesne bridge fort pierce fort pierce inlet fort pitt bridge fort taylor fostoria fountain four freight freight train fronds frost frostburg frostburg station frozen full moon gallitzin gallitzin cambria county gallitzin tunnel gallitzin tunnels gate gatorland gazania geometric george washington gilbert's bar house of refuge girl girls glenwhite run glessner covered bridge golden golf course gp382 gp8 grain train grand harbor grass grassland gray wolf great blue heron great blue herons great egret great trough creek great trough creek. autumn great trough creek. autumn. trough creek state park. huntingdon county. pa. pennsylvania greater siren greater yellowlegs green green energy green heron green iguana ground gulf of mexico guyasuta haliaeetus leucocephalus hall's mill covered bridge halloween hatteras island hay hay bales headlands beach headlands dunes state nature preserve headlands dunes state nature preserve grand harbor headlights heart shape heirline covered bridge helicopter helmstetter's curve heritage unit hidden valley falls hide higgs beach highland park highway hobe sound hollidaysburg hollidaysburg station holy cross hopper cars horseshoe curve house huntingdon county hutchinson island ice ice crystals illuminated incense indian river county indian river lagoon inlet interior intermodal intermodal stacked containers intracoastal waterway island jackson's mill bridge jackson's mill covered bridge james h. pruitt bridge jellyfish jennette's fishing pier jetty jingle dress jockey's ridge state park juggler juniata river juniata shops jupiter inlet jupiter inlet lighthouse jupiter island juvenile key west key west lighthouse kill devil hills king's covered bridge kingpost truss kissing kiteboarder lake lake erie lamp post lamp posts lancaster county landing lantern larus delawarensis late fall laurel hill creek leading leads leaf leaves leaving leaving station leroy township leroy township. lifeguard stand light beam light beams lighthouse lights lilly limestone kilns limpkin little brown bat little brown bats live oak loaded loaded coal loaded coal train locomotive locomotive no. 734 locomotive no. 96 locomotives log lone palm tree long exposure long pine key loop crossing loop road loretto lynx canadensis lynx rufus mainland male male carrying stick to nest mallory square man mangroves manned helper units maple leaf marco island marilyn monroe martin county martinsburg crossing martinsburg junction maryland md men mentor marsh merrill barber bridge merrill p. barber bridge merritt island merritt island national wildlife refuge merritt island nwr metal metal. wood meteor metro metro park. midway campground milky way mirrored mixed freight mixed freight train mixed intermodal mogul mogul class mogul class. blair county monongahela river montana montana. usa monument moon light moon reflection morning morrisons cove motion mount washington mountain mountains mp 216 mp 222 mp 225 mp 248 mp216 mt multiple exposure multiple kingpost truss mushroom mycteria americana myotis lucifugus myotis lucifugus roosting nags head national wildlife refuge native american nber 1601 nbr4 nc nest nesting nesting material new guinea new york central nickel plate nickel plate road night nine banded armadillo nittany and bald eagle no. 1066 no. 11 no. 120 no. 2620 no. 43 no. 44 no. 6007 no. 734 no. 765 no. 87 no. 89 no. 90 no. 96 no. 97 no. 99 norfolk southern norfolk southern. norfolk western north american beaver north american mountain lion north american porcupine north branch potomac river north carolina north chagrin reservation north sebastian conservation area north shore ns 1062 ns 2566 ns 2622 ns 2665 ns 2713 ns 2745 ns 3607 ns 3608 ns 3638 ns 3646 ns 5636 ns 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park bench park hills country club park service park. passenger passive crossing passive railroad crossing path pattern pelecanus erythrorhynchos pelecanus occidentalis pennsylvania pennsylvania. pennsylvanian pennylvania perry park pews phalacrocorax auritus photographer physalia physalis pier pine glades lake. everglades national park pines pittsburgh pittsburgh. pa plant plants playhouse square point of view point state park ponce de leon inlet lighthouse porpoise beach portuguese manowar pow wow power ppg place ppr signal tower 227 prairie prescribed fire prince gallitzin state park prr prr pt225 prr pt249 pt225 pt227 pt227 signal bridge pt249 pt254 signal bridge puma concolor couguar rail car railroad railroad crossing rain rain drops rainbow rainbow falls rainy ram raystown branch juniata river raystown branch little juniata river raystown branch of little juniata river red reddish egret redland farm district reeds reflection reflections reptile restaurant ringbilled gull ripples ritch grissom memorial wetlands ritch grissom memorial wetlands at viera river rivet road roaring spring roaring spring station rock jetty rocks rocky beach rocky mountain elk rolling cigar roman catholic rose roseate spoonbill round bales route 12 route 36 royal palm trees ruddy turnstone rust ryot covered bridge sacred heart sand sand dune sand dunes sand key light scrub jay sculpture sd40e sd60 sd60e sd60i sd60m sd70 sd70ace sd70m sd70m2 seahorse seawall seaway drive bridge sebastian sebastian inlet seward johnson shadow shawnee creek shell bank shore shrimp sign signal bridge signal bridge 227 silage silhouette silhouetted silos silver lake sinking valley skin sky skyline sloppy joe's bar smathers beach smithfield street bridge smoke snail snooks covered bridge snow snowstorm snowy snowy egret soft focus somerset county somerset county. south beach park south poplar run spanish moss spider web spin blur splash spots spring squire's castle st. mary of the mount st. paul's episcopal church st. petersburg stacked stacked container train stacked containers stain stairs stars state park state road 9336 station statue steam steam engine steam locomotive steam train steam train. locomotive steelers steps stone stones stony creek storm storm clouds strasburg railroad stream street lights striking at fish stripes study stumps subaudible vibrations summer sun sunbeams sunrise sunset sunshine skyway bridge surf fisherman suspension bridge swamp t.m. goodwin wma tail lights tampa tampa bay tank cars taxidea taxus ten thousand islands tentacles teture texture the basilica of st. michael the archangel theater thermoregulating threat display three rivers thunder on the beach tipton tourists traffic trails train train car train crew train. trains tree tree island trees tringa melanoleuca tropic cinema trostletown covered bridge trough creek tulip tunnel turner river road turntable tursiops truncatus tyrone tytoona cave unicycle unit oil train upper wagonwheel road usa usa. vero beach vertical blur viera viera wetlands vista royale volleyball net vulpes lagopus walkway water water clouds water lily water. waterfall waterfall. waterfalls wave waves west bound west bound intermodal westbound westbound intermodal westbound norfolk southern empty coal train western everglades western maryland scenic railroad wgcb 38.05.11 wgcb 38.05.15 wgcb 38.05.16 wgcb 38.05.17 wgcb 38.05.18 wgcb 38.05.19 wgcb 38.05.22 wgcb 38.05.23 wgcb 38.05.24 wgcb 38.05.25 wgcb 38.56.01 wgcb 38.56.02 wgcb 38.56.03 wgcb 38.56.06 wgcb 38.56.08 wgcb 38.56.10 wgcb no. 38.05.03 wgcb no. 38.05.15 wgcb no. 38.05.25 white white ibis white pelican white pelicans white street pier whitehead street whitetail deer wilbur wright willoughby hills wind blown wind meter wind turbine window windows windsurfer winter winter plummage with a fish with stick for nest wmsr woman wood stork wooden woods wright brothers national memorial wy wyoming yellow yellow creek yellowstone national park yoga yucca z tree 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